Riversmeet Benefice

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Services are now following the usual pattern in our churches. The readings for each Sunday are listed with a link.

Here is the recording for Sunday, 22nd May Holy Communion service at Blunham:  https://youtu.be/_aeYklV8gbU

May 2022

Every Wednesday

Gt Barford - 10.45am Said Holy Communion

Sunday, 1st May ( Easter 3)

Blunham - 11am Morning Prayer

Gt Barford - 9.30am Holy Communion

Roxton - 11am Holy Communion

Tempsford - no service

Zephaniah 3:14-20

Acts 9:1-6 [7-20]

Revelation 5:11-14

John 21:1-19

Sunday, 8th May (Easter 4)

Blunham - 9.30am Holy Communion

Gt Barford - 9.30am Morning Prayer

 Roxton -  11am Family Service

Tempsford - 11am Holy Communion

Genesis 7:1-5, 11-18, 8:6-18, 8-13

Revelation 7:9-17

John 10:22-30

Sunday,15th May (Easter 5)

Blunham - 11am Cafe Church  

Gt Barford - 11am Holy Communion

Roxton - 9.30am Holy Communion

Tempsford - no service

Baruch 3:9-15, 32-4:4 or Genesis 22:1-18

Acts 11:1-18

Revelation 21:1-6

John 13:31-35

Sunday, 22nd May (Easter 6)

Blunham - 11am Holy Communion

Gt Barford - 11am Family Service

Roxton - 11am Morning Prayer

Tempsford - 9,30am Holy Communion

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Acts 16:9-15

Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5

John 14:23-29 or John 5:1-9

Thursday, 26th May (Ascension Day)

Little Barford - 7pm Benefice Holy Communion

Acts 1:1-11 or Daniel 7:9-14

Ephesians 1:15-23 or Acts 1:1-11

Luke 24:44-53

Sunday, 29th May (Easter 7)

Roxton - 11am Benefice Holy Communion

Ezekiel 36:24-28

Acts 16:16-34

Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21

John 17:20-26

If you know of anyone who does not have access to the internet, please tell them about this free phone line:

The national church Daily Hope phone line

This free national phone line was launched on Sunday, 26th  April and is aimed particularly at the over 75s who do not have access to the internet.  The line is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044.  This is a simple way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes while church buildings are closed. Callers will hear a special greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury before choosing from a range of options, including ‘Prayer During the Day’, ‘Night Prayer’ and a recording of the Church of England’s weekly national online service. A section called Hymn Line will also offer a small selection of hymns, updated daily. 


Please contact Revd Graham Buckle regarding baptisms, weddings and funerals. His email address is: dovecote10@btinternet.com.


Here is this week's message from Revd Graham:

If you follow football or any of the winter sports, you’ll know that the end of the season is imminent. There are the usual must-win games to either win trophies, leagues or other honours, and then there are the games which mean teams can avoid relegation from their particular league. All of these have their own different tensions, with players and officials making errors under pressure that can make all the difference to the outcome of games, and along with that there are the financial implications. Already the teams are looking to build on this season’s successes, or to re-build a team that will enable them to be more competitive next time around. Managers and players will be on that merry-go-round that brings about the changes needed!

Some of these are things that are reflected in other organisations which operate in our communities. Annual General Meetings of all kinds are taking place, not least in the church: and I am about to finish our round of Annual Parochial Church Meetings in the communities which I serve. Like those mentioned above, we have made some changes to our line-up to the parochial church councils which look after our church buildings and all that happens inside them. Of course we don’t buy and sell, like the football teams, but we accept people, through voting, who offer themselves to serve in this capacity.

Jesus himself picked a team of disciples from all areas of life, and all of them had different attributes and characteristics that made the team strong in all areas of life, with different experiences and traditions. Jesus was accepting of all, and we as Christ’s church are ready to welcome all into our fellowship, from whatever tradition or background. I’d like to invite you to come and join us, find out what we are about and learn how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

With Christian love and Easter blessings.

Revd Graham

I hope I’m not boring you with my holiday snaps! Another interesting place I visited whilst away was the Beam Engine Museum at Eastney, near Southsea. Unfortunately the main original beam engines and pumps are out of action at the moment. But we were able to view the next best thing and see these wonderful engines and pumps at work; although they are no longer used for the purpose of pumping water and sewerage from the area, but could be used as back-up if necessary, in an emergency. Electrically operated pumps are now used for this purpose, but the originals could be used. As an engineer, it was fascinating to see the old engines, remembering names of manufacturers from past years and to see them in excellent working condition thanks to an army of volunteers. (I had the privilege of chatting to a retired Marine Engineer, who had worked on gas turbines in his former life!)

Sometimes we reject the old for the new, thinking the old to be worthless and inefficient, and the new to be a step forward in progress. To some degree this is true of course, but the old still has purpose and can be there should we need it. When Jesus came to this earth he said, “I did not come to abolish the old laws and the prophets but to fulfil”. In other words, I am the fulfilment of the prophecies that have been made; to be the one who brings God’s love, forgiveness and peace to us. He came to show them a different way to live; to be a people of those same characteristics.

We would do well to follow Jesus’ calling to be those people of love, forgiveness and peace as we try and serve our communities.          

With Christian love and Easter blessings.

Revd Graham